Go Beyond Conventional Skill Matching

No assessment tests. No questionnaires to fill. Zero manual effort.

Behavior prediction

  • Teamwork Skills
  • Need For Autonomy
  • Attitude and Outlook
  • Learning Ability
  • Action Orientedness


  • OCEAN Profile
  • DISC Assessment
  • Mood Graph
  • Role Fit
  • Interests

Social Screening

  • Substance Abuse
  • Religious Fanaticism
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Racism
  • General Misbehaviour

Social Profile

  • Social Handles
  • Connection Graph
  • Related Websites
  • Social Influence
  • Work History

What the experts say

  • Collects public footprint from 30+ social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, AngelList etc.

  • Ties all data to a single user using email ID, phone number or a social handle

  • Combines research in the areas of sociolinguistics, psychology and behavioral science with AI, ML and NLP to build each profile

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