Actionable insights about your consumers using social data
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Why you should attend?

With the advent of social media, reaching out to a huge audience has become relatively simple. One can capitalize on this rich social data in ways unimagined. The beauty of social intelligence lies in its real-time and reliable large scale capabilities to provide actionable insights for an unprecedented business and a brand’s growth. One can now know more about consumers’ personalities, their moods at any given point in time and thus, devise campaigns after knowing the real hero. Get accustomed to the next-generation algorithm that helps you to not only understand how consumers feel about a particular brand, but also how they are likely to act on their feelings.

With the script in place, directors ready to shoot, and heroes prepared, this 2017 blockbuster is surely going to be a hit!

Who should attend?
  • Marketing professionals
  • Social Media Managers
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Business Insights and Market Research professionals
  • Media and Advertising agency professionals
  • Anyone who wants to be slightly more wiser in strategy and decision making
About Frrole

Frrole is a disruptive Social Intelligence startup that provides hard-to-obtain consumer insights by understanding and mining real-time social conversations. Frrole is a Twitter track partner and also a Facebook Media Solutions Partner. Frrole has trusted customers from Fortune 500 companies to top Global Media and Advertising Agencies including US Department of State, Unilever, Atlantic Records, The Smithsonian, Grey Worldwide, Group M, CNN-IBN, Flipkart, etc.

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